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Family Supplements: Clean-label Flavors and Sweeteners to Consider

As the nutritional supplement clean-label movement continues to advance in 2021, the family supplement category will continue to benefit. This is especially true of formulators who can deliver clean-label assurance in the easy-to-take delivery forms that are advantageous for family purchasers, such as chewable, gummies, liquids, and powders.

This blog article takes a look at some of today’s top-selling clean-label family and children’s supplements, with a focus on family-friendly delivery forms and natural, functional flavors. Consider these angles as you design your family supplements to best meet your customers’ evolving clean-label demands. 


The very foundation of family supplement purchasing, multivitamins can benefit every member of the household, ranging from toddlers and teens to parents and grandparents. 

Flavored multivitamins as chewable, gummies, and liquids help to ensure whole-family multivitamin compliance. This in turn drives repeat purchasing that best supports customers’ long-range health and your bottom line. 

But how can formulators flavor family multivitamins while maintaining a clean-and-natural label? Some examples of natural flavors, sweeteners, and colors in top-selling clean-label multivitamins: 

Liquid multivitamins for adults: Non-GMO, vegan and natural flavors, including raspberry powder, cranberry extract, noni juice, vegetable glycerin (sweetener)

Children’s chewable multivitamins: Stevia, tapioca, natural raspberry flavor, maple sugar, organic dark cherry flavor, organic watermelon flavor, organic apple flavor

Children’s supplements

Beyond standard multivitamins, children’s supplements in 2021 continue to advance delivery forms like gummies, liquids, and others. But many parents are now avoiding the artificial sweeteners and artificial flavors that have long been used to make children’s supplements palatable. 

This has led to the emergence of the following organic sweeteners and flavors seen in today’s top-selling children’s vitamins, including:

  • Cane Sugar
  • Tapioca Syrup
  • Erythritol
  • Organic fruit powders & natural flavors of cherry, orange, grape, berry, watermelon, lemon

Great taste is especially important in the context of children’s vitamins, which often rely heavily on taste to ensure the child’s daily compliance that leads to the parents’ repeat purchases.

Did you know? Organic lemon peel oil extract can be used as a functional ingredient in children’s fish oil supplements that provide flavor, masks fishy taste, and helps protect fish oil from rancidity.

Immune Supplements

Immune supplements are a strong natural health trend, especially in the context of family purchasing. Likewise, immune supplements in flavored format are increasingly popular, presenting a convenient solution for whole-family support. Some examples.

Elderberry: A quintessential functional flavor ingredient. Black elderberry extract, especially as the standardized Sambucol, has been extensively researched for its potential to support healthy and balanced immune responses.[1] Since elderberries have a pleasing sweet-tart-tangy taste, they are a standby functional flavor ingredient for immune supplements that can appeal to the whole family.

Zinc: In lozenge form, it is a mainstay for both supporting immune systems and soothing sore throats.[2] While most Zinc lozenges for immunity remain flavored with artificial flavors or unnamed natural flavors, we are seeing some using flavors like elderberry powder, brown rice powder, raspberry and honey.

Apple Cider Vinegar: Traditionally used for weight management, ACV may also help to support immune function via antimicrobial and antifungal activities.[3] ACV supplements in liquid form have a tart taste that some adults (and most kids) dislike. Gummies have emerged as an alternative ACV delivery form that the whole family will take willingly — a valuable supplement for any parent seeking a convenient way to support family immune health. One of today’s top-selling gummy apple cider vinegar supplements is flavored and sweetened with organic cane sugar, natural apple flavor, organic beetroot, and organic pomegranate.  

Family Protein Powders

Whether it is younger or older family members, supporting fitness with sports nutrition is more popular than ever, with protein powders as mainstay supplements that can benefit all family members. 

Protein powders were traditionally animal-sourced and loaded with artificial flavors and other additives. But in today’s clean-label movement within a family purchasing context, many parents are now seeking plant-based vegan protein powders that emphasize clean, top-quality natural ingredients. These products enable household purchasers to buy one canister that the whole family can then use. 

Clean-label protein powder manufacturers are focusing on flavoring their products with natural cocoa, vanilla, cinnamon in organic form. These flavors can build great taste and create a perception of sweetness without resorting to synthetic sweeteners that are falling out of favor. Natural sweeteners appearing in clean-label protein powders include yacon syrup, stevia, and monk fruit. 

Protein Powder functional flavor examples: Cocoa contributes antioxidant activity, cinnamon may help regulate blood sugar, sea salt, and Himalayan pink salt enhance flavors and supply electrolytes that help maintain hydration during exercise.


Within the family category, parents’ clean-label scrutiny is heightened as they purchase multiple products for multiple family members — including children — with various needs, sensitivities, and lifestyles. Getting the clean label right is especially important for flavored and sweetened supplements, which work especially well in a family compliance context. The natural flavors and sweeteners discussed in this blog article will give you a head start if you’re considering launching a great-tasting clean-label family dietary supplement product for your brand.